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Due to flourishing globalisation on worldwide markets, internationally operating companies now need translations and descriptive documentation more than ever before.

Our aim is international success for your projects. We, at INKO, understand quality and punctual work as the key to success. Your international image is in the best hands with our attentive professionals who are fully aware of quality. Our pool of employees consists of almost 400 qualified freelance translators from across the globe.

Our team members only translate into their respective native language. This means that you can be sure that the standard of translated texts will meet your demands and, if you require, we can deliver your texts in accordance with DIN EN 17100, i.e. proofread by a second translator.

We are only a small office but see this as one of our strengths, because we can work more effectively and cost-efficiently and are also capable of reacting quickly and simply to the requirements and requests of our customers. Furthermore, you always have the same contact person; this facilitates communication and processing. We work with a variety of Translation Memory Systems to ensure that the same terminology is used for follow-up assignments and any supplementary texts.

If we have caught your attention, we would be very pleased to work on your behalf. We are, of course, pleased to provide you with a non-binding quotation after taking a look at your text.

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